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Welcome to OneShutterMoment !

Come and indulge yourselves in our creative and fun filled photo sessions where you get to be a part of the crazy and goofy world of your pets.

From the moment I first saw Priyanka's work, I knew I had to have her photograph my dog, Sparkle. Months later, I finally got a chance to do that and there really isn't enough that I can say about how BRILLIANT and AMAZING the experience was. Before the shoot itself, Priyanka was so thoughtful. She hand-made some really gorgeous props for the shoot so I could get the pictures of my dreams! Not only that, her professionalism is so on-point - she was, as I had heard from my friends who too have worked with her - before time for the setup. She was extremely patient, considerate and warm during the shoot. In addition to the output (which is MAGICAL and beyond GORGEOUS), its all these qualities of hers - going above and beyond to give a great experience to the clients, being so considerate, creative and thoughtful and of course, being super professional in terms of timing, delivery, etc - that make her stand apart. I am DEFINITELY working with her again and would super highly recommend her to anyone looking to capture some precious memories and moments with their pet, and particularly so for theme based shoots.  




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