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The Art of Manipulation

Manipulating an image has become the most easiest way to achieve what couldn't be captured.

Photoshop makes things look beautiful and realistic in the most unrealistic way

I love photoshop, I get to learn something new and exciting every single day. Let us consider Photoshop as the magical world of wizards and wands, much like Hogwarts! And of course my favorite tool has to be the magic wand tool.

When I decided to become a photographer, the first thing people told me was "you need to learn Photoshop and Lightroom". I had no knowledge of it and I didn't know where to begin. After a lot of research I understood that the photo is incomplete without tweaks and twists.

I purchased photoshop in January 2020 and I have to tell you, it is worth every penny.


While I enjoy editing and experimenting with my photographs, manipulation is something I've understood as "unrealistic reality". The world of photoshop has made it so easy for people to add and delete people or things in an image, change backgrounds and not just tweak but completely turn the picture around.

I enjoy manipulating my images while still maintaining the originality and personality of my subject, however not to the extent of fooling the audience with it. I make sure I inform them about how the picture was formulated and how it differs from the real image.

This makes them wonder how something so simple can be turned into something so extraordinary and I love that kind of curiosity and engagement.

Having said all this, I still believe that the originals have a charm of their own and nothing can steal that away.

Check out some of my best work to get an idea of how it works!

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