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Syeda Sara

Who doesn't love their pets? We all do. And how do we care for them? By providing them with all the love and care we can foster. But there is a little extra step which is necessary to be taken for your pets, and that is regular visits to the Vet. One might ask, ‘but why is it necessary if my pet doesn't have any illness?’ It all comes down to regular checkups for the purpose of early diagnosis and early treatment. To be convinced to take your pets to the Veterinarian on a regular basis it is important for you to first know what a Vet does. So who are Vets and what do they actually do? Veterinarians are health care providers who look after animals. These doctors treat diseases and injuries in all animal species, including horses, cows, rabbits, sheep, dogs, cats, and birds. Veterinarians also help to protect the public's health by controlling animal diseases, preventing disease transmission between humans and animals, and ensuring the safety of food. The majority of veterinarians operate in private practices and veterinary hospitals. Some are self-employed. Others work in laboratories or for the government. A veterinarian's usual day involves providing for and taking care of animals. Vaccinations, talking to owners about how to care for their animals, and nursing sick animals back to health are just a few of the gratifying events that make up a veterinarian's daily schedule. In addition to private practices, zoos, NGOs, and animal shelters may also hire veterinarians to take care of their animals. A veterinary work schedule can be greatly diversified if one operates in these environments. A veterinarian may treat both familiar animals like dogs and cats as well as more unusual ones like turtles, chameleons, or even exotic species like snakes. With the growth of social media culture there are many Vets who have come on to the Youtube platform where they are informing through entertainment. A few of the popular Indian veterinary youtubers are; Dog and Vet, Vet Visit, Andhra Vets, and PupKitt Pet Care. These youtube creators, through engaging content, have been spreading awareness and informing about the importance of veterinary care for your pets. Coming from pet owners themselves about their experiences with Veterinarians, these are some of their testimonies. “Pablo was rescued by a friend. He couldn't walk, had tremors in his body, abandoned by his previous family and was showing Canine Distemper like symptoms.He now Runs and is living his best doggo life, all credit to Dr. Abhishek. I would trust him blindly with any pet problems” “I wanted to get my dog spayed and I was very scared as it is a major operation. But the way the surgery was planned, I was completely satisfied and all my questions were answered very properly and frankly.” If you are still not convinced about regular veterinary visits, understand that taking your pet to the vet frequently will ensure a longer and healthier life for them. They will also be happier and have fewer problems. A yearly or even a biannual visit to the vet will keep your pet away from illnesses. Early detection and intervention allows veterinarians to treat the disease from the start, monitor your pet's condition with medication, and recommend a few lifestyle changes for them. Additionally, veterinarians provide a wealth of insightful advice on how to keep your Pooch healthy and free of illnesses.

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