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By Pavani Dharanikota

It is no secret that dogs can cause a significant upsurge in happiness. Playing with a puppy for a short while has the power to brighten your day and lift your spirits. 71% of dog parents said that their pets made them the happiest people, according to a study of dog parents done by Bark Box (a pet store that delivers all the supplies needed for your dog). Dogs come in a variety of types, from German shepherds to golden retrievers, however, Indie or Indian mixed-breed dogs are always overlooked. Indie breed dogs are members of the Pye-dog family and are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. Indie dogs are amiable and simple to train, making them appropriate for first-time parents, youngsters, and as police guard dogs. They go by the names South Asian Pye Dog and Indian Pariah Dog, respectively. Indie dogs are frequently treated unfairly based on their appearance or are overlooked since superior kinds are readily accessible. But, getting a stray or an independent dog could be just as joyful for someone as purchasing an expensive breed from unethical breeders. The best thing you can do if you want to foster a dog is to give the animal a second opportunity in life by adopting an independent dog from your neighbourhood. Nowadays, 6.2 crore stray dogs live in India, where they are ignored and abandoned. Considering adoption will also put an end to breeding activities that perpetuate exploitation. Dr Ian Durbar, a professor of animal behaviors' at UC Berkeley, stated on the Mind Jam Podcast that "people who are interested in a particular dog breed don't think about their dog's life expectancy when dogs have bred for show their lives are over by four or five.” Where do I get a stray dog that I want to adopt? is the first thing you should consider. A dog shelter or your neighborhood are the two options for adoption. There is a very high likelihood that you will encounter street dogs in your own neighborhood. Dogs may be scavenging through trash cans for food, or you may ask your peers or nearby neighbors if they are aware of any litter. The second alternative is to adopt a dog through an animal shelter, which houses both rescue dogs and canines that have been left behind by their prior owners. “I feel indie dogs are more easygoing, low maintenance and quick to pick up things, my dog is an indie and is self-trained,” Says Snigdha Bose, MSc student at Osmania University. In our nation, almost 3.9 million pets are surrendered to shelters or left on the streets. Remember to show them love and kindness and to realize the weight and level of responsibility that comes with adopting a dog. The majority of stray dogs may have once been pets. You can select from a variety of Indian breeds, including Indian Pariah dogs, Indian Spitz, Kombai, Mudhol Hound, Jonangi, and Kanni.

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