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Zia's Indoor Shoot

A perfect model in every way!

Introducing our newcomer Zia and her absolutely stunning features!

Zia is a French Bulldog, she's larger in size that most Frenchie's which makes her so unique.

The one thing about Zia that cracks me up is that she doesn't ask for cuddles or scratches, she's happy if you place your palm on her nose. How weirdly cute is that!?

The only task with Zia was to make her sit because she just wouldn't. She'd sit for a minute and then slowly slide down, so we had to constantly hold treats up the air and that's how we managed to work with her.


We had a crazy time with Zia and her curiosity for bubbles. She would jump, bite and run around them. We had more than a few perfect shots that captured the curiosity on her face.

Bubbles are a great prop for any pet shoot, it just makes the pet go all goofy and crazy in the best way possible and the results are always worth all the energy and efforts put into getting that perfect shot.

Since it was an indoor shoot and we had limited frame space, it was tough to capture her in the same place while she was going crazy over the bubbles and that's what made it more fun and entertaining.

Pet Photography is all about that, the efforts, the bond, the experience of being in their world and I should say that it gives me immense happiness in doing what I do.

We are all about capturing that one moment that slips away so easily.

It was an amazing experience and I cant wait to meet her again!

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