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Bella's Gotcha Day!

Bella found her forever home with best hoomans.

Gotcha day is the day when a pup/dog/kitten or a cat is adopted or brought home.

"Adoption should always be the first option"

Bella is a mermaid, she has sparkly eyes and everything about her is just wonderful. Nikita, her mom, contacted me for a shoot and told me she wanted to incorporate a water element. When asked why, she explained that her little bub is obsessed with water, be it muddy puddles or swimming pools, she just goes in for it.

The first thing I do after a client books a shoot is to make a list of props that would enhance the pets' personality. For Bella we decided on a mermaid themed birthday shoot.

The props included sea horse and fish tail glitter cutouts, a fish scale banner in an all blue, green and pink color theme.

It took us close to half an hour to set the whole thing up while simultaneously receiving endless licks from Bella and her siblings Buddy and Elmo.

The trio were superb and they absolutely enjoyed all the treats and attention.

They're truly lucky to have someone like Nikita who takes care and showers endless affection on all three of them. Watching them and photographing them has been one of my best experiences!

The world would be a better place if the kind of positivity they have in their home, travels all over.

Check out how Bella, Elmo and Buddy celebrated their day of treats and cakes!

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